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Josh Blazen is currently pursuing a PhD is school psychology and has a BA in psychology from the University of Michigan. Before graduate school, he worked as a preschool teacher and camp counselor. Josh is interested in how children learn social skills at school, and how social skills in early childhood relate to mental health and academic outcomes. He spent his childhood playing with his three siblings in the woods, and can usually still be found spending time outside today.

Kristen Missall, PhD, is a professor of school psychology at the University of Washington. Kristen has been a professor for 15 years, and before that, she worked in early childhood programs and elementary schools. She researches how children age 3 to 8 develop literacy, math and prosocial skills, and is also interested in the role of child development, educational supports and parenting in children’s school success. Kristen has a wonderful family including her supportive husband (Robb), three children (Meggie [15], Max [12], Alex [8]), one happy golden retriever (Finn), one chubby guinea pig (Bean), and 8-12 fish (give or take). At all ages Kristen has loved playing and creating with art supplies – bring on the markers, colored paper, shape scissors, glue and glitter!